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Comprehensive ID Care 

NEW Patient  Registration:

Terms of Treatment: 

 All patients must yes in the form and sign where indicated to acknowledge receipt and understanding before receiving medical care of the following term: 

1.Assignment of Benefits: Patient authorize his/her insurance benefits to be paid directly to Comprehensive ID Care, PA and its related companies. Patient understand that he/she is financially responsible for any balance if insurance fails to cover. Patient also authorize Comprehensive ID Care, PA, its related companies, or insurance company to release medical information required to process claims.

2.Consent for Communication: Patient understands that Comprehensive ID Care, PA will send appointment reminders and information on services via telephone, email and/or text message based on the contact information have been provided. Also patient  understands that he/she will have the option to opt out of future text/email reminders.

3.Payments: Payment is due at time of service, including copays, deductibles, co-insurance, and prior balance due. Patient understand he/she is responsible for all charges for services rendered on patient's  behalf, or on behalf of the dependents, less any amount paid by insurance to Comprehensive ID Care and its related companies. If you have any questions regarding this, please call your insurance company. If you are unable to pay for your visit, we will need to reschedule until you are able to cover the cost of your appointment.

4.Annual/Physical Exams: This type of visit is PREVENTATIVE ONLY. If you are here for an Annual/Physical exam and want to be seen for other health issues in addition to the Annual Physical, then we will bill your insurance for both sick AND well visit. Your insurance might not pay for the combination visit; if this is the case, then you are responsible in paying the complete balance due. To avoid this, you will need to reschedule the Annual/Physical for another day.

5.Prescriptions: If you feel you only need prescription of pain medications such as Vicodin, hydrocodone, oxycontin, percocet, Loratab, soma etc, our office will be happy to refer you to pain management specialist.   Your provider MUST SEE YOU prior to prescribing a new treatment, refills on antibiotics or controlled medications and changing your existing medication. NO controlled medication will be prescribed over the phone, out of State, after hours, or weekends. If you have not been seen your provider within the past 3 months and need a refill, you must schedule an appointment to see provider for your prescription refill. All medications have a prescription refill schedule that must be followed.

6.Referrals: Obtaining a referral from your insurance esp. HMO cases may take up to 72 hours or more. Please do not call from the specialist’s office at the time of your appointment for a referral. An appointment is required to obtain a referral.